Help & Contact

How can I contact your team?

For feedback and any other concerns, you may reach us via email at store at cropital dot com. (Kindly use this address for Cropital Store-related matters only. For Cropital Crowdfunding concerns, kindly see the crowdfunding contact page →.) You can also chat with us via Facebook Messenger.

What are your official social media accounts?


What are Impact Points, and how can I earn them?

Impact Points is the Cropital Store’s loyalty/rewards points program. It’s a simple system where each peso you spend on any Cropital Store purchase earns you one Impact Point. You can then use your Impact Points to pay for your purchases partially, or fully if you have enough points. Every 100 Impact Points is equivalent to a 1 peso discount/payment.

Note that to earn and keep Impact Points, you need to have a Cropital Store account, which is different from a Cropital Crowdfunding account.

How do I check my Impact Points balance?

You can see your Impact Points balance in the Cart page. (Make sure you are logged in. If you have no items in your cart, you can temporarily add a product to see your balance.) This is also where you can use your Impact Points to pay for your purchases.

What are the benefits of registering for an account in the Cropital Store?

A Cropital Store account allows for easier purchases in the future, as you can save your billing and shipping addresses for faster checkouts. You will also retain your order history, and you can make repeat orders with just one click. Also, a Cropital Store account will let you earn and accumulate Impact Points.

Note that Cropital Store accounts are separate and distinct from Cropital Crowdfunding platform accounts.

I’m unable to login to my account!

You can use the password reset form to regain access to your account. Note that Cropital Store accounts are separate and distinct from Cropital Crowdfunding platform accounts: you need to sign up separately for a Cropital Store account if you haven’t yet, and your passwords can be different between the two accounts. (Indeed, we recommend using different passwords for every website, as a security best-practice.)

Answering the captcha is tedious and error-prone; is there a way to skip it?

We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but the captcha is a necessary security measure. That said, if you sign up for a Cropital account, you’ll only have to do it once (during registration). As long as you are logged in afterwards, you will not have to answer the captcha when checking out an order. On the other hand, when ordering as a guest (i.e. without a Cropital account, or while logged out), you will be required to answer a captcha on every checkout.

Feel free to contact us for any questions not answered here!